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Basement organization. Choose the right shelving. The new house has a basement and 2 storage sheds, but a lot of the stuff is old broken appliances that my dad thought he could “fix”, but he hasn’t been in his side of the basement in over a year to do any of that. We have the ideas and tips to get you started, from discussion boards to video tutorials to slideshows.

Try these free printable labels from Better Homes & Gardens! Get Creative with Vertical Space. Utility, storage, and living area zones.

The tape will attract any small metal objects — such as nails, brads, or screws that find their way onto the floor — holding them fast as you tilt the pan to sweep up more debris 2.3 Other Basement Rooms; You can use a pegboard in almost any corner of your house, but having it in your basement is a must!

3 Let’s Get Started. But, all you need are tote boxes, shoe bags, bins, shelves, and plenty of hard work. Get yourself a good basis for your basement DIY.

1.3 Decluttering the Basement; Having a basement can be a blessing or a curse. A basement is usually more accessible than an attic, and tends to house a mix of items ranging from furniture to paper products, as well as stacks of family memorabilia.

In the basement, clutter around equipment and machinery is inconvenient when you need service and dangerous if the jumble is flammable. If you rarely use a piece, it’s probably a good candidate to donate or toss. However, very few owners actually care about utilizing the space in an efficient way.

Pegboards are solid, easy to arrange/rearrange and reusable. Use a labeling system to group like items together and find everything faster. Remember, if you rarely use an item, or if they’re for a specific time of the year, self storage is the best place for them to go.

I really love our basement. Some of the homeowners may simply see the basement as the storage area for keeping the old junk boxes or anything that is not used often. Some smaller, stackable plastic containers in the front.

I did most of the leg-work this spring, when I participated in the One Room Challenge.. Create a safe and uncluttered storage space in your basement by following these easy steps. Add some pegboard to the basement wall to hang tools and cleaning.

But in reality it is an enormous blank canvas just waiting for your inspired ideas and artistic vision. Unfortunately, our basement storage area is a crawlspace…. So it adds to the level of not actually wanting to bend over and put things in.

2.1 Clean the Space/Small DIY; When properly utilized, a basement can add much-needed storage space for your home, instead of being that black hole where things are tossed and disappear. 1.2 Your Basement Vision;

I like your Ikea clothes storage units (even if they don’t match) – so much smarter than finding space in a closet! I wanted a large, open space for the kids to run around, so I needed to keep it clutter-free. An unfinished basement, with its concrete floor and exposed joists, may seem dreary and cold.

As you work your way through the items in the basement, assign each one to a category. Keep it in the garage, basement, or workshop. On one hand, you have lots of extra storage space.

There are three types of basement zones: On the side of the basement just outside the front door is where we keep all of our outdoor necessities. Start by creating three categories:

Have a lot of containers in your basement storage room? Then there are some of us who don’t even know what to do with space. Try a custom built-in storage system for toys.

UNFINISHED BASEMENT IDEAS – There are lots of homes which have a built-in basement. In the back, a hard-to-reach area, is where we store Christmas decorations and less used outdoor items such as fishing gear, a hammock, and tarps in large plastic bins.We use plastic crates to store awning lights and sports equipment. A mess won’t motivate anyone to get busy in the workshop or exercise center.

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